Voting Rights and Resources

Voting is the sacred right of citizenship and one that many of us have taken for granted. For years, those who oppose a democratic society have carried out a campaign to suppress the vote and abrogate the rights of those who may disagree with them. Redistricting, voter ID laws, and voter file purges are tricks of the trade for those who think politicians should be able to choose their voters. Let America Vote has a great resource for understanding and getting a clear picture of how the voter suppression playbook has been deployed.

After the Ohio decision from the Supreme Court we’ve seen a ramp up of voter purges from Georgia’s voter rolls. Many regular voters are being moved to inactive status and far too many have arrived at the poll to find their status purged. We’ve copied here a few links to help voters with this problem.

We also know that democracy works when citizens are able to see the work of local, state, and national government. We appreciate the many volunteers across the state who attend their local Board of Elections meeting and take notes that are then posted on The Peanut Gallery for public view.


Register To Vote and Receive Election Updates

Visit Our Guide to Voting in Georgia

Check the calendar on the websites below for local Board of Elections Meetings and Early Voting Locations

DeKalb County   

Gwinnett County 

Newton County 

Rockdale County 

Maintain Your Voter Registration Status

Make a calendar reminder or alarm on your phone to remind you to check your registration status on the first day of each month at a time of day convenient for you. will give you the opportunity to check your status and apply for absentee ballots.

For more information on registering to vote, obtaining voter IDs, and other issues related to the act of voting, please see our one-page handout

For Information on Redistricting Reform in Georgia

Georgia Votes:

Fair Districts Georgia on Twitter:

For Information on Insecure Voting Machines in Georgia

This website (developed by Susan McWethy) has considerable research on problems that are well known by our state officials on the vulnerabilities of the voting machines we’re using. 

For Information on Overseas Military Voting

This non-partisan voter service website is for US citizens overseas and uniformed service members who would like to register to vote and request an absentee ballot. You may also check your election dates and deadlines, contact your Absentee Voting Clerk, and completing a Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot if your requested Absentee Ballot is late.
(Please note: Indivisible GA04 is not directly associated with US Vote Foundation.)

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