Call to Action: Use VoteWithMe App to Canvass Your Phone Contacts from Anywhere, at Anytime

Call to Action: Use VoteWithMe App to Canvass Your Phone Contacts from Anywhere, at Anytime

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VoteWithMe was developed because people are more likely to vote if asked by a friend.  It is a free app that helps you identify friends and family that need some extra peer pressure to get out and vote. It securely syncs your phone contacts with relevant voter data that is already publicly available to determine which friends and family most need your encouragement to vote.  

VoteWithMe works! In fact, research based on use of VoteWithMe in the 2018 special congressional elections in Pennsylvania’s 18th district (March) and Arizona’s 8th district (April) concluded that VoteWithMe was 20 times as effective as traditional methods of getting out the vote, like door-to-door canvassing*, and it’s eight times as effective as texting strangers through apps like Hustle*.

VoteWithMe does not contact anyone on your behalf or give your information to anyone else to contact them.  It is entirely up to you to contact the voters identified by the app with a phone call, text message, or email.  It only looks at your personal data when you give it explicit permission to do so, and it never sells your information.  

VoteWithMe was built by The New Data Project whose goal is to increase engagement at the grassroots level by creating research-based technologies that are affordable, effective, and user-friendly.

*Those time-tested strategies are still useful though. Reluctant voters may need to be engaged several different times in different ways before they actually decide to go vote.  

Written by Indivisible GA04 Site Admin - October 22, 2018

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